What is TruTrade?

Our Mission is to unlock the vast potential of Africa’s rural producers by giving smallholders a fairer share of the value of their produce.

TruTrade is a franchise business offering Transaction Security Services (TSS) to traders and aggregators. TruTrade franchisees use TSS to link small-scale producers to buyers with controls that enforce quality and transparency and thereby embed trust, enhance market efficiency, manage risks and allow farmers to share in value addition.

TruTrade changes the way smallholder farmers access the market and the way their produce is traded.

  • The business model – changes from buy-low, sell-high, which gives the farmer the lowest price possible, to payment based on commission linked to farmer price at the end of the value chain, which gives farmers the highest price possible.
  • The farmer experience, changes from selling raw produce at the farm gate, to capturing a share from value add products and by-products to buyers at the end of the value chain.

These changes create a win-win outcome for all players in the value chain.

TruTrade puts more money into the hands of farmers.
We enable investment in agricultural enterprise development to create a prosperous rural Africa.